Email isn’t easy- it requires a lot of time and effort to come up with an email idea, create it, proof it, and deploy it. This doesn’t even count the time it takes to create the perfect segment!

The awesome thing about your Marketing Center on Agent Studio is that it helps alleviate some of this “heavy lifting”. It does this with its automated email marketing feature which sends a valuable weekly travel newsletter (The Week in Travel) to your customers every Thursday without fail.

The automated feature also allows the suppliers you work with to send co-branded consumer emails to your customers, leading them back to your website. With both instances giving you the opportunity for more bookings simply by adding your customer email list to your Marketing Center.

However, you should also take the initiative to stay in constant communication with your customers by sending emails yourself.

Today, we want to help you do this with four email ideas you should implement next. We’ve already covered the essentials, like birthday + anniversary emails. Make sure you have those set up in your Marketing Center first as they are personal and deliver incredible conversion rates. After that, try one or all of the email ideas below!

The Welcome Email

Agent Studio's Marketing Center email creation
Agent Studio’s Marketing Center email creation

So, you have a new client. That’s incredible! Whether you’ve spoken to them online, on the phone, or in person, a great follow up is a welcome email. Make sure to put their email into your Marketing Center and send them a letter that reminds them of your services and how you can help them.

It’s important that this email includes some personalization. The first name is an important field, but try creating a few different versions of the email dependent upon the channel in which they came in. If you met somebody in person, call that out in the text! Online? Mention it! It makes the email feel hyper-personal to them even if the same email is being used for multiple people.

The Post-Honeymoon Email

Marketing Center screenshot
Agent Studio’s Marketing Center email creation

This doesn’t have to be just for honeymoons! If your client just went on a trip, put them into their own segment (contact list). After a month or two, follow up with them. If somebody went on a honeymoon, they might be looking for future couple vacation ideas. Did one of your clients just come back from a family vacation? In a couple of months, remind them that it’s never too early to start planning their next getaway!

Timing is important, so make sure you don’t wait too long before sending a follow-up. It is much easier to turn a customer into a second-time customer than it is to drive new leads. Former clients are your BEST resource, so use them! Take a moment to ensure that all your customers are currently in your Marketing Center.

The “Haven’t Heard From You” Email

Has it been a year? Maybe two? Try reaching out with a personalized email. Use a catchy subject line like “Hey- we miss you” or “Haven’t heard from you.” Subject lines like this are more likely to grab somebody’s attention and land at the top of their inbox.

Tracking who interacts with these emails also lets you know who to take an even more personal touch with, like following up with a phone call. Start with the generic but personalized message, track it, and then put in the work to bring them back! Your Marketing Center has the analytics that will help you track these email interactions.

The Destination Spotlight Email

Marketing Center screenshot
Agent Studio’s Marketing Center email creation

Have you just checked out a resort? Do you have a bunch of pictures to share? Try sending out a one-off email to your entire list that focuses on a particular resort or vacation hot spot!

Keep this email short though- use big images and a short paragraph. Then, add a CTA (Call To Action) button that directs them to a longer-form blog (Agent Studio’s Elite Subscription has an integrated blog) on your website! Seeing who clicks through will give you an idea about who on your list is interested in that specific type of vacation.

This allows you to collect passive data on your customer just by how they have interacted with your email. Create a new segment (contact list) for those who clicked on the email, so you can target them with other email messages related to this vacation.

These are just a few ideas for emails. The key to email marketing is consistency. Make sure your customers are hearing from you regularly. And your Marketing Center makes this relatively easy from organizing your contacts, creating the email to tracking interactions.


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