TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Visiting a tourism destination is a common agenda during holiday season including year`s end. But if your holiday budget is too tight due to many priorities you should meet, there are five tips for an affordable holiday based on several sources.

1. Be a local tourist

Look for tourism destinations in your region. You may find places you have yet visited and restaurants or meals you have yet tried. Being a local tourist, you will save accommodation or transportation cost. You can also browse places in your neighboring region.

2. Visit destinations in one province 

If you cannot find interesting places in your region, search cities in the same province. There may be one or two cities you can visit during your trip. For example, instead of visiting Bandung again, you can go further to Majalengka or Kuningan that offer the same natural view and fresh air. 

3. Go camping 

If your hometown has a camping site, either in the forest or national park, perhaps it is time for you to have an adventure in the outdoors. You can rent a tent or bring your own. You do not have to spend high cost for meals because you can bring packed meals or cooking. Camping with friends or family will surely give you a different experience.

4. Not aiming for popular destinations 

Rather than visiting popular tourist sites, you can try to seek other places. Popular destinations tend to offer a higher price and that possible to cause a traffic jam. Do not worry about not following the current trends because perhaps in such uncommon destinations, you may feel more comfortable and able to enjoy your holiday.

5. Hunting tickets in travel fairs 

If your holiday destination requires you to book a flight ticket, you have to search it early such as in travel fairs. Note schedules of travel fair events in your city and visit it on the first day. Travel fairs usually provide huge discounts in limited offers.



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