Like the most popular Instagram profiles, a lot of Youtube photography vlogs have become incredibly formulaic. This video, by wedding and travel photographer Taylor Jackson, deliberately breaks from the successful formula to give the viewer some much needed honesty.

Many aspiring creatives look up to one or a few of the plethora of YouTube photographers and videographers, and it’s easy to see why. From the outside, it looks like a fun lifestyle, especially for a young person, and the idea of being your own boss with the ability to make money while traveling is quite enticing for a lot of people. Now, with the proliferation and the advancement of the digital medium, the playing field has leveled, and anyone with a few hundred bucks and access to the Internet can teach themselves into a profession which was traditionally reserved for the debtladen former art or film student. It’s astonishing how far the medium has come in the last 10 years. But, for all the enjoyment that these possibly non-debt-laden YouTube creators seem get from their job, the vlogging lifestyle might not be for everyone. But maybe there’s a different way.

After Jackson gives the usual exposition for the start of a vlog, the transition to the trendy intro music and 60 fps slow motion b-roll is jarringly nonexistent. Instead, he follows with an unedited series of clips while opening up about his insecurities as a photographer and video-maker. His honesty is refreshing, and as the video goes on, he lets his dry sense of humor come to the fore, giving his work what so many other vlogs lack: personality. Finally, as he closes out the video, he has some great advice for any aspiring creatives out there.

His words are certainly food for thought, and while I’m thinking about them, I should probably make some cheesy pasta. 


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