Lights! Camera! Action! Just before you completely bombard your timeline with just selfies and dull photos, take a tip from our experts and check out the best poses you need for stunning travel photos.

Nothing says wasted opportunity like going on a trip and not returning with stunning photos. There are many tips and tricks for taking better travel photos. However, if coming up with poses is the problem, here’s a cue!

1. Eat, Drink, Pose!


The classic, “I got caught” pose is very helpful if you don’t feel like doing the usual pose for the camera. It is usually a sitting pose, kind of like a fun behind-the-scenes that still shows the audience what you’re up to.

2. Take advantage of a prop


If you’re camera-shy, a tube of lipstick, a magazine, your travel bag, or your phone can come in handy to distract yourself from the camera while showing how good you look.

3. Un-looking game

Try looking sideways or the classic looking-down pose. Just look anywhere but the camera for a stunning candid shot.

4. Laugh at the camera


This is a favourite. Try genuinely laughing out loud at the camera, rather than smiling. It makes for great stunning shots too.

5. Walk it baby

Check out the best poses you need for stunning travel photosplay

Check out the best poses you need for stunning travel photos

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Keep walking naturally or look like you’re walking to allow your audience to be a part of your journey. Whether it’s the front view or side view, an open space or a busy street, make sure your photographer frames the entire scenery into the photo.

6. Lean back

Try backing the camera and then turn/lean forward a bit to face the camera. It is a fancy, stylish pose. Don’t forget to smile!

7. Hold onto your hat folks!


Taking advantage of your hat as a prop is a classic traveller photo trick.

8. Casually chillin’

Are you sitting pretty, or just casually leaning against a wall? That should make an awesome travel photo.

9. Show me your back

The back view allows for some EPIC photos of scenic destinations. It comes in handy when you’re avoiding showing your face to the camera.

10. Gidd’em personality


Jump, laugh, or do something crazy! Or simply, be yourself.

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