On the international side, a 47% discount on airfare is a pretty compelling reason to visit Mexico, wouldn’t you say? You’ve likely heard of Cabo San Lucas; its lesser-known sister city, San Jose del Cabo, is just a half-hour away by car and has an entirely independent vibe. This is the artistic and chilled-out older sister, not the other sister who drinks tequila with Red Bull and got fined for peeing in the street that one time. September is still hurricane season around Los Cabos, which we assume is not unrelated to why flights are so obscenely cheap, but by no means does that preclude you from going. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts along with your Hopper forecasts, and aim to visit at the end of the month if possible.

1. San Jose del Cabo, Mexico — $339 (47%)
2. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands — $423 (38%)
3. Hamilton, Bermuda — $364 (27%)
4. Berlin, Germany — $739 (27%)
5. Singapore, Singapore — $553 (26%)
6. Shanghai, China — $462 (25%)
7. Paris, France — $532 (25%)
8. Sydney, Australia — $773 (25%)
9. Oranjestad, Aruba — $435 (23%)
10. Delhi, India — $673 (23%)

Another standout deal here is Singapore (down 26%) — you couldn’t ask for a better jumping-off point to some of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia. (Paralyzed by all the beauty and unable to choose your destination? Same, but we can help you pick the Southeast Asian country that’s right for you.) And by all means go to Paris (down 25%), but also consider using the flight to get to some of the best cities in France that are not Paris.

To score these cheap airfares, download the Hopper app, enter the destinations you’d most like to visit, and the dates during which you’d most like to go to them. Then wait for the next full moon and recite a chant that’ll be revealed to you in the comments below this article. Kidding — just wait for Hopper to send you a notification when the time is right to book your flight. If you’d rather go searching for cheap airfares yourself, suit yourself — here are some helpful apps and websites to guide your flight search.


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