How To Save Up For Your Dream Adventure

Want to travel the world but don’t have the money to do so? Whether you are a seasoned traveler or someone who is just starting their adventures, there are many ways you can earn money on the side and save up for your next adventure.

Be your own entrepreneur

As Entrepreneur suggests, one idea is to start your own business. If you want to travel and love to write or take photographs, consider starting a travel blog or opening an Instagram account specifically about your travels. You can write about your adventures, your top tips, and tricks to others who may want to follow your path and record your travels to preserve memories. Who knows, you may even attract a following and end up working with potential sponsors and brands who can aid you in future travels and pay you to do so.

If that is the direction you plan on heading towards – gain a following and work with brands – then the key is to engage with your audience. Interact with other travel blogs and accounts, maybe work on a collaboration. Don’t forget to reply to your followers and when you start working with brands, give back a little and hold giveaways and other ways of interacting with those who have followed your journey.

Take up freelance gigs for extra cash

Note down the skills you have and see which ones you can offer to others. Occasionally, some clients will let you travel as long as you exchange a blog post or social media activity to indirectly promote their services. Interaction Design Foundation states that this is a great way of making some money while traveling at the same time and can be one way of saving up funds for future adventures.

Photography is another avenue. From travel photography to portraiture, you can slowly build up a portfolio of work and attract more potential collaborators. This is another way to travel as you work, not only taking photos of beautiful sceneries and architecture but also meeting more people – a networking of sorts that spans the whole world.

Maybe you’re not into writing or photography but can create unique designs. It’s not necessarily a way of traveling while you work, but it is certainly a way to earn money on the side to save up for your next adventure. It’s just a matter of noting down your skills and seeing where you can offer these.

Try your luck at betting

Traveling usually requires a little uncertainty and adventure, so something like online betting isn’t so far off. It can be a fun pastime and a great way to relax and unwind and it’s one way of earning a little extra. Places like Unibet even offer a $200 welcome bonus when you start.

Cut down on unnecessary costs

If you want to travel and expenses are the thing that holds you back most, consider cutting down on your daily expenses. Even as simple as cutting down on Starbucks or not going out for that Friday night drinks can do wonders in the long run. Sit down for a few minutes and write down where your money goes for one month, your regular outgoings. Once you pinpoint where your money goes, you can see clearly where you can cut down and save.

Even a little can help towards achieving your travel goal, so find ways of taking advantage of your skills and see where money can be made. Cutting down costs in your day to day life will make a big difference in the long run and can greatly help towards saving up to fund your next adventure.


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