The shameful campaign has been launched by “imbeciles who want to scare tourists away” according to some on social media who called for action to be taken

Posters have been placed around the city, saying: “Dear Tourist. Did you know balconing? Prevents gentrification, improves neighbors’ quality of life, reduces the risk of heart disease, is LOTS of fun.”

Balconing refers to the craze of jumping from one balcony to another or leaping from balconies to swimming pools.

Six Britons have died in Spain through falling from balconies while many more have been seriously injured.

Three have died at the Eden Rox apartment complex in Magaluf alone.

The posters have drawn a furious reaction.

The original Twitter post drawing attention to the signs, said: “Anti-tourism posters, encouraging Brits to leap off balconies & mocking the spate of recent deaths, have sprung up in Barcelona.

“The signs state ‘balconing is fun’ boast that the deaths linked to the practice are improving the quality of life for local residents.”

One reaction said: “Barcelona has woke up plagued by posters that encourage ‘balconing’, the madness for which some young foreigners kill themselves by throwing themselves at the pools from the balconies of their room.

“It is the campaign of some imbeciles who want to scare tourists away.”

Another said: “Hey, balconing people, this is not funny.”

Posters have appeared in tourist areas such as Vallcarca, near Park Gell.

The posters have a  ‘Anti-Tourist Action’ logo.

The group are furious about tourisms impact on house prices and rental costs.

Anti-tourism graffitis and posters have sprung up across Spanish holiday hotspots over the last year.

Groups in Majorca and Ibiza have both launched campaigns against mass tourism with the councils being forced to bring in a number of crackdowns against holidaymakers including reducing licensing hours. 

And last month activists stormed a tourist bus in Barcelona and let off smoke flares.

The members of the youth group Arran hanged a huge sign on the bus saying “Stop mass tourism in the Catalan countries”.

When asked about the posters, a spokeswoman for Barcelona City Council said: “We reject these incidents and above all the message. They will be removed by the municipal cleaning services.”


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