MINOT, N.D.- MSU offers many opportunities to be creative, but one of the biggest events is Notstock. Going on Thursday through Saturday.

Live music, ceramics, pottery, screen printing; there is something for everyone at MSU’s Notstock art festival.

“The event is at its genesis at its starting place. A hands in hands on participatory event maybe different from other arts events in that you’re not necessarily a spectator. You could be a spectator or you could attend notstock and get your hands dirty and make something,” said Bill Harbort, MSU professor of art.

In its twelfth year, this event gives people of all ages the chance to take in art, and people travel from across the region to experience the excitement.

“Families come in with their little kids. They are showing them how to screen print, looking at posters, buying ceramics, getting their hands dirty in there with the wheel and making pots. It’s everyone. Young and old, people all across the board come in. It’s really awesome,” said MSU senior, Sallie Mitchell.

With two professional print guest artists, one from LA, the other from Chicago, aspiring artists can learn tips and tricks from the best. Their advice…

“Immerse yourself in whatever you want to do. Like get obsessed with it. Look at stuff every day you know, reach for I mean try to not reach for the stars but kind of. Reach for your pen and just keep drawing. Just try to be good at what you want to do. If you like doing it, that is getting paid enough,” said artists, Ben Chlapek and Dave Kloc.

Whether you want to look around or get creative, Notstock offers it all.


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