What happens if a person’s expertise in lighting design is used in photography? Chances are you might get shots that are similar to those taken by Lloyd Evans, a British photographer who has a true passion for capturing natural light in the best way possible.

A shot of the Penman Lighthouse near Anglesey, in Wales, captured with Lloyd Evans’ attention to light. Photo courtesy of Lloyd Evans

“I’ve always had a fascination with light and the way it can shape a scene,” Lloyd Evans told Lonely Planet. “Angles of light really have the ability to completely transform the feel of a place, as well as affect the atmosphere and mood,” he added. This has, of course, helped him throughout his career as a lighting designer for theatre, but it also inspired his work as a travel photographer.

“I bought my first DSLR at the beginning of 2015,” he said. “And from there, my photography journey has taken me from street photography in my home city of Bath to discover a love for landscape photography whilst taking coastal seascape images on the south west coast of England”. Since then, he has travelled from the UK to places like Iceland and Indonesia, all while trying to capture the best natural light he could find.

The Old Harry Rocks off the shore of Dorset. Photo courtesy of Lloyd Evans

“The time of the day is the biggest factor,” he explained to Lonely Planet. “I tend to shoot in the golden hour through the blue hour when the mix of artificial light from street lamps with the ambient light of the day can truly create some magical moments”. He tends not to shoot during the height of day to avoid harsh light, preferring the soft tones of the golden hour, “which really brings out the conditions needed to achieve those cinematic, atmospheric images that I’m drawn to”.

The blue hour creates a striking combination between ambient light and artificial light. Photo courtesy of Lloyd Evans

While the golden and blue hours happen at sunset, Lloyd revealed that during the course of 2018 he’s also tried to get up more to see and capture more sunrises. “I find myself a lot more satisfied with sunrise shoots, there are fewer people around and it really brings a greater sense of accomplishment”.

And if you’re now starting to feel the same fascination for light, you might be interested in knowing that Lloyd has found what he thinks is the best sunrise in the world in Pulau Padar, inside the Komodo National Park of Indonesia. He also remembered his trip to Snowdonia in North Wales, where “one morning we headed to the coast and we witnessed a sun halo, something I’ve not seen since”.

A panoramic shot of Pulau Padar, in Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Lloyd Evans

If you’d like to see more of Lloyd Evans’ work, you can browse his portfolio at his website here.


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