Red Dead Redemption 2 takes you to a massive open world region of outlaws. You play as Arthur Morgan who belongs to The Van Der Linde Gang. Wandering through Icy Mountains and thick forest your objective is to help your camp to survive. You can do tons of tasks in the game other than the main story. A lot of your action has direct impact on what others think about you. In this Red Dead Redemption 2  Wiki guide you can read a all story missions walkthrough, locations of all legendary animals, how to level up horse bonding, cheats for infinite ammo and how to enter them, all 59 weapons and how to unlock them, and many other things.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki


The game is divided into different chapters and sub-missions within them. Below you can read mission wise walkthrough.

Chapter 1 Colter 

  • Outlaws From The West: This is the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2 where you learn a bit of basic controls.
  • Enter, Pursued By A Memory: In this part of the game you will have to go on a rescue mission to save one of your group members.
  • The Aftermath of Genesis: In this mission you will unlock hunting, you will have to kill some animals and bring them back to the campsite.
  • Old Friends: In this mission for the first time you will engage into a gang war, Dutch will take you on an armed battle against O’Driscolls.
  • Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall: Dutch finds O’Driscolls were planning to rob a train that carries a bond, he will continue the mission to earn it.
  • Eastward Bound: This one is the ending mission of Chapter 1 Colter, your group will shift to a new campsite that will unlock a lot of sections for crafting, food, customization, medicines, etc.

How To Guide

Similar to tips, How To guides will help you in various parts of games and offer you solution on different activities.

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Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Below are some tips and tricks on the game that will help you to tackle different problems you will face while playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

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