For those who end up spending a huge amount of money on travel, there are many hacks to bring down the cost of travelling. Having said that, here are five tricks that help you save more while holidaying.

How to reduce cost of vacation

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New Delhi: Travelling is one of the biggest stressbusters in life and many avid travellers keep travelling throughout the year to explore new places. However, there are some who go broke just after completing one trip in a year.

For those who end up spending a huge amount of money on travel, there are many hacks to bring down the cost of travelling. While it solely depends on how much you are willing to spend, here are a few hacks that will help you plan a trip better and save more:  

Don’t forget to plan your budget: Excitement about travelling is one thing but one should never forget to prepare a small budget before setting out for travelling to a new place. It is a good idea to plan a budget, depending on the place and duration of your stay, to avoid any last-minute confusion while travelling. Often, people end up losing more money while travelling if they decide to ‘go with the flow’ and ditch pre-planning.  

How to save more when visiting a foreign country: 5 tips

Seek budget hotels: Another point that you should remember before visiting a new place for a vacation is that you will be spending a mere amount of your time in a hotel. So, before booking accommodation, you should consider how much you are willing to spend on the stay. Often, a room worth Rs 2,500-3,000 per day is enough to take care of all your needs as you will be spending most of the time exploring. While you can splurge lavishly on stay if money is not a concern, those who want to save more can definitely look at trimming down lodging expense.  

Consider train travel: One more thing you should do more while travelling is considered the country’s railway service. Be it India or any other country, always remember that travelling via train is far cheaper than flights, especially in countries located in Europe where cities are linked via high-speed train services. While it takes a little more time that air travel, it does save you a significant amount of money.  

Go for cheap transport: When vacationing in a new destination, make sure you check out the public transportation network in the region; it is always better to use cheaper public transportation than opting to book an entire vehicle. You would end up saving a lot more money which you can later use to shop for unique items from the region.  

Book your travel smartly: Planning for a trip should not ideally be an abrupt one as you are bound to save less money. There are particular seasons where the cost of travel is the cheapest; you should always keep a keen eye on discounts offered by companies on travelling via air, road and train. For instance, booking a round-trip ticket is far better than booking a single ticket as booking it separately would eat up a lot of your money.  



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