(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@stevenbrunton)

If you spend hours curating your Instagram feed, you’ll be delighted to know you can now be rewarded for your efforts – as there’s now awards for those dedicated to the app.

The Photobox Instagram Photography Awards is a celebration of the best photography posted to Instagram.

Today the awards revealed the shortlisted images from this year’s entries.

Here’s a lovely picture of Ted the poodle

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@darrenwilliamhall)


This is a Style photo by Adam Riley

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@adampriley)


A black and white image of a rugby match in Newick

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@mww2108)


A Travel image of Niagara Falls was also shortlisted

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@leedslassie


A #NoFilter image of Regent Street

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@andresson)


Another Style image of a man in a waiting room

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@traverserleypaysage)


This is an amazing black and white photo of lightning

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@patlyr2052)


A family image of the Fiddler on the Roof cast at the Cardiff Open Air Theatre

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@musotravels)


A lovely landscape image of the Seven Sisters Cliffs

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@mariacostantinaseri)


A #Love image of a couple in Paris

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@guilhphoto)


Here’s another Style image – of a man reading in London

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@gflandre)


Here’s a shortlisted Festivals image of Esplanade Lamartine, Ville de Marcon, following the 2018 World Cup

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@gaelfontany)


A Travel image of Benagil Cave, in Portugal

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@blu3willow)


This image represents the ‘Reinvention and freedom of expression in teenagers’

(Picture: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards/@freyaaaart)


Here’s a man on the beach, taken for a Travel photo, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Caption: Photobox Instagram Photography Awards shortlisted Travel image of a man at the beach in Nouvelle-Aquitaine by @olivierseni. Posted on 1 August

The awards were launched in July, with PIPAs debut year attracting over 180,000 entries in less than three weeks – and it’s quickly become one of the world’s biggest photography competitions in history, and the largest of its kind on Instagram.

There was a lot of competition for Instagrammers, especially to reach the final round of judging across ten diverse categories, ranging from fashion to festivals, arts to animals, and the sites most used hashtags: #Love and #NoFilter.

Gathering in London, the panel of industry-leading experts, including The Guardian’s former Picture Editor Eamonn McCabe, Editor-in-Chief at Cosmopolitan Farrah Storr, and Lecturer in Photography at Kingston University Paul Postle, selected the very best submissions that celebrate the beauty in everyday life.

The shortlisted images include a Boxer puppy swimming in the sea, a snap of brotherly love and a stream of people trekking along the White Cliffs of Dover.

Rory Scott of Photobox, Chair of PIPAS 2018 judges, said: ‘From snapping our supper to capturing our canine friends, most of us like to test our everyday photography skills on Instagram.

‘But being such a popular site, we often miss out on some of the truly stunning photography on our feeds.

‘We received over 180,000 incredible submissions to the PIPAs and we are delighted to announce ten category shortlists, one of whom will be crowned our overall Instagram Photograph of the Year next month.’

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Commenting on the judging process, Farrah Storr, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, said: ‘The shortlisted pictures need to be something that would make you stop when you’re scrolling through Instagram.’

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in central London on 3 October 2018. The overall ‘Instagram Photograph of the Year’ winner will receive £5,000, with an additional £500 awarded for each of the ten category winners.

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