As for where exactly the journey will take you and the lucky pal you choose to bring along for the ride, that’s yet to be confirmed, but rest assured there will be a number of trips to various parts of the globe. Considering its inspiration, it’s very possible you’ll end up trekking from “Mumbai to Hong Kong, Tokyo to San Francisco, [and] New York to Lisbon,” according to a press release.

All expenses will be covered, including airfare, accommodations, whatever alternative travel methods are needed to reach more remote spots, as well as some spending money along the way. You’ll also be treated to “once in a lifetime experiences” organized by Bombay Sapphire ambassadors in various countries along the route (including but not limited to nights out at some of the world’s best bars). There’s no hard value on what the trip value is quite yet, but a spokesperson confirms that it’ll be well over $10,000

In terms of qualifications that’ll make you most desirable, they’re ideally looking for someone with a strong social media presence and good photography skills (and a “strong brand awareness” of both Mr. Fogg’s and Bombay Sapphire). If you think you’re the sort of gin-sipping wanderluster who’d make a good fit, all you you have to do is answer a few questions about your background and interests on the application page by August 27, make sure you have a gin-loving friend who’s down to join you on your journey, and be available to travel between the end of August and November.

A group of finalists will be selected from the bunch before the final decision is made with help from the real-life modern-day explorer Levison Wood, who’s famously written about his extended walking treks through Africa, Asia, and Central America. 

Of course, if this sort of dream job seems a bit out of reach based on your skillset, there are plenty of other off-beat opportunities out there that may be a better fit. Any interest in getting paid to tend to a herd of cats on an idyllic Greek Island?


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