You’ll want to pack these insider tips from airline cabin crewmembers on how to make the most of your next getaway.

Bottle it

Bottle of water on clear sky from a plane. Travel concept.PJjaruwan/Shutterstock

While most of us are being mindful of Mother Earth these days and trying to reduce our waste, Southwest Airlines flight attendant Holly Hansen told Women’s Health that bottled water is best when flying for one very hygienic reason. “Drink bottled water to be safe,” she said. “The storage tanks for the jet’s tap water are difficult to thoroughly clean, and studies show bacteria like E. coli can linger in them. Skip coffee and tea—some airlines make it from that H2O. The ice is OK, though; it’s catered.”

Restaurant savvy

Male flight attendant hands using mobile phones, soft focus.litabit/Shutterstock

Hey, flight attendants don’t want to survive on airport food, either. When they’re looking for the best eats in whichever city they find themselves in for an extended period of time, they hit the Internet with a couple of specific keywords to zero in on the top spots. To instantly find the best of the best, google the name of your city plus “Food Network,” recommends one savvy flight attendant.

Baggage check

Close up of airline checked baggage label on blue suitcase. Attached at the departure gate to carry on luggage that is too big for aircraft cabin. Horizontal view.lesapi images/Shutterstock

Those bag check fees are for the birds, but one clever flight attendant says there is actually a way to duck and dodge the cost of stowing your luggage, and it has nothing to do with stuffing it in an overhead compartment. “If you want to take your luggage into the airplane and not pay for check baggage fees, take your bags to the gate and just say you are willing to check your luggage at the gate to free up space. The gate attendant will almost always check it free of charge.” Don’t miss these other things your flight attendant won’t tell you.


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