It is an often debated topic; what are the essential lenses for landscape photography? One photographer attempts to answer this burning question in this great video.

Andy Mumford takes a “less is more” approach to landscape photography, believing that remaining as unencumbered as possible results in more creativity and better work. No one who has hauled massive amounts of gear in the wild can argue with that. What may be up for debate however is Mumford’s choices for essential landscape lenses. He posits that the only two lenses a landscape photographer needs are a wide-angle zoom and telephoto zoom. He leaves out a mid-range zoom.

I’ve been guilty of doing my best pack-mule impersonation when traveling, lugging around way too much photography equipment. It has definitely slowed me down and left me unable to properly focus on my work. I like the idea of lightening my bag and forcing myself to become more creative with the gear on hand. A further way to minimize weight and cost is to avoid purchasing fast lenses. Other than for astrophotography, I generally use an aperture of f/8 for landscape photography; it makes much more sense for me to own the f/4 version of a given lens as opposed to the heavier and more expensive f/2.8 version, for example.

What are your essential landscape photography lenses? 


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