SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Visionary marketing executive Mike Salvadore and longtime travel
industry leader Dan Burke believe the travel agency model is prime to be
disrupted. The business partners are combining their areas of expertise
for this week’s launch of Seattle-based 58
– formerly Passport Travel & Tours – a full-service travel agency
specializing in custom-crafted luxury travel, and corporate travel, with
a personal touch and fresh marketing approach for a new generation of

58 Stars arrives on the scene two decades after do-it-yourself travel
websites disrupted the travel industry in the 1990s and drove travel
agencies to what most thought was the brink of extinction. However, with
a new generation of travelers – who place a high value on convenience,
human connection and unique vacation experiences – for 58 Stars, what’s
old is new again as travel agencies nationally are in the midst of a
major comeback.

According to data from the American
Society of Travel Advisors
, Salvadore is clearly on to something –
55 percent of millennials are more likely to hire travel experts to plan
a trip, compared to Gen Xers (42%) and Baby Boomers (28%). Further, a 2017-18
Portrait of American Traveler® study
by the travel and
hospitality firm MMGY Global, reports that 33 percent of millennials
intend to utilize the services of a travel agent in the next two years.

“This new generation of travelers has grown up in an era in which
convenience and customer service are expected, from cars on demand to
home grocery delivery,” says 58 Stars co-owner Mike Salvadore. “The 58
Stars model focuses on high-touch client service and custom-crafted,
one-of-a-kind experiences with a locals’ perspective and a luxurious
flair that resonate with this generation. We’re a fresh, new take on
travel agencies – delivering new options for travelers who increasingly
are overwhelmed by the hundreds of do-it-yourself deal-oriented travel
sites and who are looking for expert advice and a hassle-free

Whether its adventure travel, all-inclusive resorts, multigenerational
trips, luxury cruises or volunteer vacations, 58 Stars specializes in
trips its clients will remember forever – from visiting the great
pyramids by camel to sailing the West Indies on a private sailboat to
sipping wine in an Italian orchard with one of the world’s most
acclaimed vintners followed by a private culinary experience at a
countryside villa.

Salvadore and his business partner Burke (who brought Salvadore on as an
equal partner and co-owner in his agency, Passport
Travel & Tours Inc.
, which has operated in Kenmore, WA for the
past 32 years) have spent the past year developing fresh strategies to
create an entirely new travel agency experience, beginning with the
rebranding of Passport Travel to 58 Stars. In addition to a new name, 58
Stars features a new and expanded website (soft-launched last week),
strategic partnerships including a new travel network consortium, mobile
delivery of client itineraries and travel updates, and an exciting new
social media presence aimed attracting a new generation of travelers.

58 Stars is also tapping Salvadore’s many years of experiential
marketing expertise with plans next year for a unique retail approach to
travel marketing which invites consumers to dream by immersing them in
the touch, smell and taste of incredible travel experiences around the

“The travel agency industry has weathered many storms over the last 30
years and adjusting the business appropriately along the way has kept us
on top of our game,” said Burke. “Over the past few years it’s become
clear to me that there’s a new generation of travelers that needs to be
effectively engaged in more innovative ways than past generations. The
question is how to best do that. Mike brings those ideas and together
we’re implementing what should be our most exciting chapter yet.”

Salvadore brings more than 20 years’ experience in building businesses
and marketing leadership to the new partnership having worked with
consumer tech companies and with some of the world’s biggest brands
including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Levi’s Microsoft, Patagonia, Southwest
Airlines and Toyota. In 2014 Salvadore and his business partners sold
their own award-winning marketing, brand and experiential agency 206
Inc. (now AMP
) to marketing powerhouse Advantage

“The 58 Stars’ partnership between Mike and Dan is a symbiotic
relationship between two disciplines which combines marketing savvy with
deep travel industry knowledge,” said Dr. Robert W. Joselyn, president
and CEO, The
Joselyn Consulting Group
based in Scottsdale, Ariz. “It’s this
holistic approach which is what our industry needs to compete with the
travel websites and sets up our industry for future success.”

At their peak in the 1980’s – prior to the emergence of deal-oriented
do-it-yourself travel websites in the mid-1990s, 9/11 and the economic
crash of 2007 – travel agencies numbered 46,000 with more than 200,000
agents nationally. According to IBISWorld and the U.S. Census Bureau
there were approximately 20,807 travel agencies and 105,085 agency
employees in 2016 (the most recent data available) – In Washington
state, the American
Society of Travel Advisors estimates today there are 343 travel agencies
employing 2,139 full-time employees; generating $168 million in annual
economic impact

According to a 2016
American Society of Travel Advisors’ survey
of 114,000 U.S.
households, nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents believed using a
travel agent made their overall trip experience better and that
travelers are using travel agents at the highest rate (22%) in years.
Many in the travel industry attribute the increasing interest in working
with travel agencies to growing popularity of custom-crafted travel and
luxury travel which typically relies on the expertise of a seasoned
travel agent. The survey was supported by Bain
& Company’s “Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study Fall-Winter 2016 Report”

which points to changing preferences within the luxury consumer market
which indicates a shift from retail goods toward experiences such as

About 58 Stars: 58
(formerly Passport Travel & Tours Inc.) is a full-service
travel agency specializing in worldwide luxury leisure travel and
corporate travel with a personal touch and an emphasis on
custom-crafted, one-of-a-kind experiences.

The 58 Stars name is inspired by celestial navigation and its importance
to the world’s first travelers – explorers who used the same 58 stars to
navigate their journeys around the globe. Likewise, it is with expert
guidance that 58 Stars Travel brings the world to its clients.

When it comes to custom-crafted travel, no dream is too big – or too
small – for 58 Stars. The world is yours, and when you work with our
expert team everything is taken care of for you, from departure to
arrival and back again.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Headshots, travel photography and industry
quotes/spokespersons available upon request.


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