Have you considered investing in your photography through a travel sabbatical? Although it might not be a possibility now, what if you started preparing over the next one to three years?

Becoming a digital nomad has been an amazing journey considering I hated to travel five years ago. And now, I’m taking a 6-12 month sabbatical to invest in landscape photography. Since stepping across the Atlantic, I’ve learned that many of my perceptions about travel were actually reflections of my flabby lifestyle, one that prioritized stuff over experiences — a tradeoff I was content with until I began to experience the world through a lens.

What about you? Have you considered taking a travel sabbatical? It may be more realistic than you realize. This vlog steps through the questions you should ask yourself to decide if a sabbatical is worth the opportunity cost and how to articulate your goals during this trip of a lifetime.

Many barriers come down to cognitive biases and cultural expectations: we are work martyrs, so putting a job on hold for uncertain remote income is simply insane to many of our peers. With the average American $137,000 in debt, finances are a very real obstacle.

However, it’s not insurmountable if you start tackling barriers today, and even if you are unable to surmount it, your finances will certainly not be worse off. Maybe a travel sabbatical is just what you’ve been waiting for to get your financial life in shape!

Travel molds our outlook, so why not do everything possible to get outside our comfort zone earlier in life while it has a chance to influence our lives? Start the journey today, and in a few years, you may find the impossible turn to reality.


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